Always at Home
With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can talk to any visitor over your mobile phone while you are away from home for work or on vacation. You would never miss any critical package delivery or visitor. You are always at home.

More Secure Way of Living
The video door phone can work with Vesta smart home gateways to create a more intelligent way of living. The video door phone is not just a doorbell camera. It can also be part of security. Apart from activating a doorbell, it can work with any home automation rules to turn on the hallway lighting or music to deter an intruder attempts when it detects someone is near your front door and peering from the outside without pressing the doorbell button. The video door phone also can be activated to start recording to capture alarm videos for further investigation or visual verification.

Endless Possibilities
Working with Vesta smart home gateway, it creates endless possibilities for smart home applications. You can remotely unlock the Zigbee/Z-Wave digital door lock that is connected to the portal to let your kids or your friends in when you are stuck in a meeting or traffic jam and cannot be there to open the door for them. Any devices connected to the smart home gateways can interact with this video door phone to extend any application. The indoor siren can be an extension of chime to alert you of a doorbell ring while your mobile phone is in the study room or when your mobile phone is not by your side.