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Tiandy is a top 10 leading CCTV manufacturer, and a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. Founded in 1994, this manufacturer is committed to providing customers with expert technical advice and support in addition to products that are developed and tested for professional applications. With their strong R&D team of over 500 engineers, their aim is to offer up-to-date technology to support their partners in different applications.

security & automation systems

VESTA Australia

Vesta Australia’s Smart Security & Automation System brings a new advanced way to protect, monitor and control homes and businesses with a new seamless approach to enhancing the everyday lifestyle of consumers. Vesta addresses the need for a simpler, more affordable professional smart control product in the market. It’s a completely modular product range allowing for scalability in application, without compromising on control.

video intercom solutions


Intelicom is a product that’s re-designed to deliver easy to manage and powerful intercom automation in a very compact and affordable package.

​Our product is divided into 2 main groups, 2 Wire Intercoms and IP Intercoms.

​Intelicom systems are designed for: Single private homes with 1-32 internal stations monitor, Flats and Apartments Buildings, Multiple Offices Complexes & Multiple Unit sites.

access control systems


Palgate Australia is providing smart cost effective reliable solutions for managing and controlling your gates and doors and anything switchable. 

Palgate Australia provides secure full control system for access and gate control using GSM 3G and 4G cellular network and Long range RFID wireless control. 

The safest and easiest way to control your gates, electric doors, electric taps and lighting in venues. 

Comprehensive and unique Web Interface allows Installers to control gates and devices and reduces cost of maintaining multiple gates, boom gates, garage doors and Intercom Doors or anything switchable from one interface.



Intelihealth provides the 4G/LTE PERS locator that is equipped with Wi-Fi location tracking. The positional information can be accessed via Intelihealth’s online platform “My GPS Alert” on web portal or smartphone app. It has built-in fall detection (Mobile Lite-R15/R18 only), providing comprehensive care for all seniors.

When there is a need, with raised guidance buttons and voice prompts, users can open two-way voice communication immediately and learn the status of emergency reporting. 

access control systems


Smart “Inteliprox IP” is a new dimension of intelligence, in a professional IP access control system, which meets the requirements of a wide range of users – from small office to distributed enterprise systems. 

All events are sent over the Ethernet or Wi-Fi to an ACS server in notification mode. If there is no connection with the server, the control panel will keep 65000 events in memory and upload the server with an event journal on reconnection.

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